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Are you a veterinarian or a beekeeper? Is packaging or waste management more your cup of tea? Perhaps you have gained plenty of experience in radio or TV? Are you the next Steve Jobs? Or does your profile rather fit that of a financial specialist, an expert in social media or the ICT geek? That’s just fine. At Exchange we are constantly looking for a very broad range of experts. This is easily explained by the fact that applications initiated by companies and socio-economic organisations in the South are very diverse. Thus, the chances are high that your expertise is really needed as well.

Do you:

In that case an Exchange project through our organisation is probably something for you. It is an experience that is not usually soon forgotten. On the professional level, too, you will learn a lot without doubt. Time and time again our experts return home with renewed inspiration and a fresh look into the world around us.

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 “I have taught myself to cultivate a sense of adventure. Sometimes, as an Exchange expert, you have to do things you are not prepared for. Then you simply have to adapt. Projects like these are not for rigid/stern experts. If you are one of these, better not travel to Africa or you will be having a dreadful experience.”
~ Ms Clo Willaerts, expert social media, about her project in Namibia.

“The first contact was great. I received a really warm welcome and immediately felt part of the family. Moreover I found it highly exciting to work with people with an entirely different background than mine and to be able to participate in the cultural life far away from home. I have really enjoyed it and I still feel good vibes months after my return.”
~ Mr Bruno Van de Moortel, marketing expert, about his project at Radio Zodiak in Malawi.

Becoming an expert? Dead simple!

First register yourself on our online database. Do not forget to fill out all fields and different tabs. The more complete the information we receive, the higher your chances of being matched with one of our new projects. As soon as we have a project that matches your profile, you will be invited for an inception session with one of our project coordinators.
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