The fundamental idea of Exchange vzw is crystal clear: that durable and inclusive economic growth creates more welfare and wellbeing in the South. Our organisation chooses resolutely to contribute in a purposively, demand-driven, efficient and durable way to contribute to this growth. Exchange vzw targets economies with a lot of (more) valuable work, with social and green cohesion. This way, we offer people from the South the chances for development they deserve.

                             "Exchange: durable and inclusive growth in the South"


Exchange vzw fully focuses on the private sector in developing countries. It is the driving force behind economic growth and development in general, it contributes to the financial basis of the government and it stimulates good governance. The private sector is able to supply essential goods and services, also to the poor. Exchange vzw offers this private sector (and the organisations linked to it) the possibility to benefit from a wide range of voluntary top experts. By offering this expertise almost for free, companies in the South can grow, the (local) economy can evolve, and chances for job-seekers can be created.