Our Projects

Supporting entrepreneurship = combating poverty

About 70% of the projects which Exchange carries out in the South, take place with SMBs. The other 30% are carried out with organisations that are closely related with business. Examples are cooperatives, chambers of commerce, umbrella organisations, government institutions or sector federations.

Exchange provides free expertise

Exchange focuses on SMBs who have growth potential but not enough resources to hire expertise externally.  This is where our voluntary experts come in.

What type of projects do we carry out?

Exchange is all about promoting entrepreneurship through the exchange of knowledge. We want to provide entrepreneurs with “tools”, working together - without us entirely doing the work for them. Exchange carries out short-term projects of two weeks on average (with a maximum term of one month) in the following fields:

Financing projects or company equipment? Issuing micro credit? Or training students? These are all very relevant aspects within development cooperation. However, we find that other organisations are better placed in these fields. We prefer to focus purely on the exchange of knowledge within an entrepreneurial context.


What expenses does Exchange pay for?

Our experts work on a completely voluntary basis. Exchange makes sure that the expert reaches the closest international airport. Also visa, travel insurance and other administrative expenses are paid by Exchange. This allows our volunteers to go and share their knowledge, free of practical and financial worries.

… and what does the applicant pay?

Making the exchange of knowledge possible, is a shared responsibility. Once a project has been accepted, Exchange trusts that your business or organisation takes care of the following aspects during the voluntary expert’s stay: