Project Cycle

A project with Exchange is always handled following a fixed procedure. This helps us to ensure a high quality standard, both for the applicant and for the voluntary expert.


1/ Application under consideration

Exchange’s head office evaluates the file according to the criteria applicable. This process can take several weeks, depending on the number of applications received. Sometimes, the application is insufficiently clear, in which case we will ask the applying company for more details. The project coordinator or the Local Representative of the company’s country or region will inform the applicant of the project’s acceptability.

2/ Search for experts

The Project Coordinator searches (possibly in collaboration with the Sector Coordinator for the field of expertise involved)) for one or more suitable expert(s). Exchange currently has a database of over 1,000 registered candidates. In addition to that, we make active use of our networks and diverse (social) media to publish our new projects.

3/ Presentation of experts

When one or more suitable experts have been found, Exchange sends their CVs to the applicant. The applicant chooses the preferred expert.

4. Deciding on project dates

As an applicant, are you certain of your choice, and of the fact that Exchange has found the right voluntary expert? Exchange then puts both parties in touch with each other. As such, they can agree on the project dates. From this moment onwards, the expert will also start to investigate the problem and prepare his/her intervention in the South together with the applicant.

5/ Administration & briefing

In consultation with the expert, Exchange takes care of the flight tickets, visa and travel insurance. During briefing, the project coordinator, the country coordinator and the expert go through all the practical details. As an applicant, you now have plenty of time to prepare for the expert’s arrival and to arrange proper accommodation and transport.

6/ Project

This is the main part: an intensive period of a week up to a month. The applicant and the expert work together in order to help the organisation evolve. This is how Exchange creates a measurable impact.

 7/ Reporting & evaluation

As soon as the expert returns, he/she writes a report that is sent to both the applicant and Exchange. The operation procedure during the expert’s stay and the recommendations are important elements in this report. In this final stage, both the applicant and the expert make a short evaluation of the project. 6 to 18 months after the project, Exchange will contact the applicant again for an evaluation. This helps to measure the impact of the expertise.