Submit Project

Exchange is 100% demand-driven. Businesses and organisations from the South take the initiative to submit their project application. We find this extremely important: in this way, the “ownership” of a project stays fully with the applicant.

Very simple

So what is the procedure for a business from the South to submit an application? Very simple. You can fill in the online application form form by yourself. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Do you need help with this? Then contact the Local Representative who lives closest to your company or organisation. If there is no Local Representative for your country, then please contact our head office.

Important: our criteria

Although we would like to, it is impossible for Exchange to support all companies from the South who submit an application. Therefore, we have developed a list of criteria* over the years, to help us:

Our most important selection criteria:

* Exchange is careful not to disturb the local market. Essentially, we do not provide any expertise that can be found locally.
** Companies (bigger ones) who transcend our criteria, can apply for expertise. In this case, we determine beforehand how much their financial contribution will be.