Exchange vzw pursuits a policy where efficiency, quality, neutrality and respect towards others are key.

Our experts from the North are there to respond to these needs. That is why Exchange has a large database of experienced, screened and available voluntary experts who back up our philosophy.tanzania-233

Of course, these volunteers share our values:


Exchange vzw is an example of an influential development organisation that offers added value to companies and socio-economic organisations in the South. Exchange of knowledge takes place directly between the applying company and the expert.


The entrepreneur himself asks for expertise. He understands best what the needs of the company exactly are. He decides which expert he wishes to collaborate with. Afterwards, an intensive exchange of knowledge and cross-pollination between both parties can take place. As such, Exchange ensures commitment and ownership of the applicant from the South.


Exchange obtains tangible results with an absolute minimum of means. Voluntary high-level experts with the right competences, a proven track record and intrinsic motivation, without the accompanying (high) price tag: that is how Exchange vzw minimizes the costs of its expertise projects.


Growth has to be durable and green: we encourage our volunteers to work efficiently with only those raw materials that are available. Growth needs to be inclusive: the poor and the weak in society are included in our project activities in the South. Growth has to be gender-sensitive.

By focusing on these four pillars, Exchange vzw finds companies from the North ready to support us: by putting employees at our disposal, by being part of our network and by making us financially more independent. Private individuals apply as a volunteer to share their knowledge in the South or play a role in our organisation. Our aim is to extend our network of volunteers with sympathisers who reinforce and spread the image of Exchange vzw. This helps to raise public support for our activities, and results into individual donors supporting our cause.

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